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Uganda is a landlocked and developing country situated in the eastern region of the world’s second largest continent – Africa. Uganda’s infrastructures, like roads, are generally not of the best quality like those in Europe and USA, since the country is among the developing countries. However, the roads are not really in a worse condition, especially those in the urban centers like Kampala and Entebbe, thanks to the hard work from the Uganda government.

Uganda has both unpaved and paved roads, and it is very easy to drive on them all though the unpaved ones become difficult to drive on them during the wet/rainy season. All roads in the country are under the governance of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA). Factually, most of the country’s roads are unpaved mainly in the remote areas.

Some years back, Uganda had the poorest road networks in East Africa but the government has tried to improve all the country’s infrastructures. You can now go on a self-drive trip in Uganda due to the improvement in the roads.

However, during the rainy/wet season consider hiring an experienced and professional driver-guide to drive you on your Ugandan safari because the dirt roads are difficult to pass onto especially for the case of first timers. The driver-guide will drive you safely because he/she has a great knowledge about the roads, and knows very well how to drive on those impassable dirt roads in the rainy season.

Roads/highways in Kampala – Uganda’s capital city and in some other urban towns are big enough but outside them, the roads are really narrow. Be very careful while driving on them such that you don’t cause accidents. The roads are also very busy with the motorcycle riders, locally known as boda boda, who are known of reckless driving.

Keep a watchful eye on these boda boda guys because they are most likely to make you do mistakes while driving. Also if you are from a country which drives on the right hand side of the road, you should know that you will be doing the opposite on Uganda’s roads.

Most of the country’s roads, both paved and unpaved, have speed bumps to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions. So when driving, you are expected to slow down the speed when you reach a speed bump.

The speed bumps are most put in the road corners to avoid accidents from the vehicles which come from the opposite directions. Most of the roads in urban centers are equipped with road signs and you are entitled to follow each and every road sign you pass-by to avoid penalties and inconveniences.