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Self drive trips are becoming prevalent not only in Uganda but across Africa. It is always a very long process to rent a car in Uganda, but it’s because of the clients searching for cars to use on their self drive trips. Basically they do ask many questions for the major reason of getting the best deals before confirming with one particular car rental company. Our company is one of the leading car rental agencies offering unbeatable rates and we have been answering many inquiries from various clients. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about renting a car in Uganda that we normally encounter:

How much do I pay for a car per day?

As already noted, our rental car company offers unbeatable rates and the rates usually vary with the type of car you are taking and at times the number of days. Travelers with many days are given discounts accordingly. The rooftop tent cars also cost a little bit higher than the usual cars simply because you will not have taken the car only for transport but also accommodation – it even saves money that you would have spent on the Park’s high-end accommodations.

What do I need to hire/rent a car?

You can book (rent) a car through our website or you can also come in person at our headquarters in Najjanankumbi at a building known as Najja Shopping Centre (on 2nd floor Room 03 E), along Entebbe Road. What you will need is to leave a photocopy of your passport (valid one), a valid driving license/permit (provided you are to drive yourself), and also pay a deposit to confirm your booking. On your arrival, you will have to first read through the car rental’s terms and conditions governing its car fleets, of which you will have to agree with them before being given a car and if you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, then you will look for another option.

Are all fees included in the rental price?

Not really, the rental price is only for the car excluding your driver-guide and fuel. You will be the one to pay a driver-guide (provided you needed one) and also fueling it.

How much will I pay a driver-guide?

The driver-guides are very professional and experienced with an adequate knowledge about every major touristic destination across East Africa. Therefore, with a driver-guide you are guaranteed of a great experience unlike when you drive yourself. The driver-guide costs US$ 40 per day, and this includes everything like; accommodation and meals.

Am I allowed to tip?

It is no offense to tip anyone you want on your trip in Uganda. For the local vivacious and welcoming children, it is better you come with some books, pencils, colors, and pens which will help them in their studies. However, you are free to tip or offer anything to anyone as long as you want and it is actually a great gesture.

What is the driving side in Uganda?

In Uganda, all cars are authorized to be driven on the left hand side of the road. If you have been driving on the right hand side of the road in your home country, you should start practicing and putting it in mind that you will be doing the opposite on your Uganda trip.

Isn’t it expensive to rent a car in Uganda?

Not expensive at all as you can get a car for as low as US$ 40, depending on what your budget and desires are. Travelers going for more days are given discounts as well.

What type of insurance is offered on your cars?

We do offer a comprehensive insurance.

Are your cars manual or automatic, which fuel do they consume?

We do offer both automatic and manual transmission cars of all types and both types can be hired for self drive or with driver. They consume petrol and some others do consume diesel.

How do I make the payments?

For the car, you can either pay cash or via the credit cards. However, it’s better to carry more cash than credit cards because most of the payments within the country are made in cash. It’s also advisable to change the US dollars and move with the local currency, which most of the payments are done.

Which age do you hire a car?

Any individual above 18 years of age is eligible of being rented a car in Uganda and you are allowed to drive across the country as long as you have a driving permit. However, it is also advisable that if you are 70 years-plus you should hire a driver-guide to help you do the driving because you will not manage to drive the long distances at that old age.

What about the mileage?

We rent out cars based on unlimited mileage offering you the freedom to drive anywhere in Uganda and across East Africa, as long as you inform us that you are to reach there.

What do I do in case of breakdown or accident?

In case you get a breakdown or an accident, you are emphasized to call your car hire operators instead of repairing the vehicle on your own. If you repair the vehicle on your own, the company will not compensate you. Our company has many mechanics and technicians across the country, so all you need to do is contacting us in case of any problem and we will call our mechanic close to you to fix the problem immediately.

Do you provide camping gears?

For the travelers interested in camping safaris, you have come to the right place. We offer a full camping set, which includes; camp tent, blanket, small mattress, cooking gas, cutlery, camper chairs and tables plus some camping guideline to govern you on your adventure in the wild. Or you can decide to hire a car with rooftop tent, which is fully equipped with all the camping essentials.