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Uganda Self Drive Information

Driving yourself on a safari to Uganda is a dream-come true as you get a chance of controlling your travels with the help of a well-trained guide. At Uganda Self Drive, we give you the liberty to control all your movements while on the roads of Uganda.It doesn’t matter where you want to go so longer as you book with us and we make your dream come true. Life on a safari can never be the same once you try out a self drive especially in a new destination.

What is a self Drive?

This is one of the frequently asked questions by our clients.Well, the answer is simple.It means driving yourself. Its all about choosing the car you want to drive and we provide it to you.This may cost some little money but the price is worth the adventure experienced.

Do I need to go for practice before hiring a car for a self drive?

You definitely don’t need to go for an extra training before we give you our cars for hire.All you need to have is you true documents including a driver’s licence from whatever country you are from and this will be enough to enable you ride on Ugandan roads. However,you will need just a simple briefing about the road rules of Uganda and this is mainly done by our well trained drivers and company guides.Its also a wise idea to always travel with a guide to assist especially when locating certain places.

How much does a self Drive in Uganda Cost?

This is an interesting question because some people actually think that hiring a car is too expensive.At Uganda self drive,we always put our customers in mind when coming up with a pricing strategy.We always make sure that we satisfy them financially by giving them the best rates which are unbeatable.Our small cars like the RAV 4×4 go for only USD30 per day and this is the least on the market. Surprisingly,the experience one gets with our cars is exceptional because we always make sure that our cars are services regularly and that they are in good conditions.
4×4 Landcruiser VX go for USD 80 per day
4×4 landcruser TX goes for USD70 per day
4×4 super Custom ( 7 seater) goes for USD 75 per day
4×4 SUV Toyota Rav4 goes for USD50 per day
4×4 safari Land cruiser goes for USD120 per day
Note: The above prices do not include fuel and driver