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Safari/Tour Vehicles

Uganda Self Drive safari vansThe journey to and from the destination should be enjoyed just as much as any other part, with the safari vehicle being the environment in which notable parts of the day unroll. Our safari cars are famed for implementing that sense of desire that is crucial on the most important day of your adventure. Therefore when you are going on an expedition to view the magnificent plains and stunning range of wildlife of Africa, one of the most significant pieces of information to check before you book your safari is the type of vehicles to be used. The range is tremendous. From 4 to 45 seater buses. The most important thing is to select the one that suits you for the optimum safari experience.

Our fleet of safari / tour vehicles includes the following varieties; 4WD Toyota Land cruiser, 4WD Full-Sized Toyota Land cruiser, 4WD Extended Toyota Land cruiser, Toyota Super Custom, Mini Vans, Land cruiser Jeeps, Open Roof Land Cruiser, 4×4 7seater, Land rover defender among others.


The group tours are arranged for 2 and more people on each safari vehicle and have guaranteed departures. It can be a group of 6, 14, 24 and many others. In a group tour you can experience the best of Uganda with different type of people, culture, tribe, religion, mix and mingle with different people from different cultural backgrounds. Our group tours are flexible, and are offered at amazing discounts, suitable for college students, work mates, colleagues, alumni, families and friends, among others.

Under group tour cars we provide; Buses, Minivans, Costas, Matatus (taxis), all at amazing prices.


These are cars that are used for airport ground transportation, to and from the airport. These vehicles give a great impression of sophistication and charm. An impressing car that everyone will recognize as an admirable an airport transfer car choice.

We offer safe and convenient airport shuffle services. Our vehicles proffer door to door services to and from the airport without even worrying about the cost of parking at the airport.


Self drive in Uganda holidays are an elevated means to discover areas at your speed with no rush of the guide as regards to the duration to be spent at a particular stop. Putting your appeal into consideration, you can travel to Uganda’s mountains, cities, lakes, rivers and national parks in few days and at your own convenience. Some of the self-drive rental cars are Rav4, Noah, Regius, Toyota Primo, Vitz, among others.