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Guide To Self Driving In Uganda

If you are looking for the most excellent African safaris then look no further than Uganda. With our classic 4 by 4 safari cars that are available for hire, renting for your Uganda safari is the best way to engage in the most rewarding adventures in Africa. Uganda is proud of ten magnificent national parks where most of the tourism activities are conducted each day. Our 4 by 4 wheel drive car feature as the best for self drive tours and allows you to explore and discover what the pearl of Africa offers for the world travelers. For a safe and comfortable road trip in Uganda, we have provided some of the tips below and we believe that you will have the best out of your safari.

Choose the car rental for your safaris

While hiring a car for Uganda self drive adventures, make sure that you select the largest car that is pocket friendly and especially if you are spending a longer time while on your vacation. Given that Uganda’s remotest areas are located a bit far from the city center, it is of no doubt that you will spend more days while on vacation if you are to explore what this country holds for the world.

This means that you need a better 4 by 4 wheel drive car to help you navigate through all the routes to enjoy the incredible attractions which are inhabited within these spectacular destinations. For amazing self drive adventures in Uganda you can make the best choice from one of our fleet of cars which range from Rav4, Land cruisers, minivans, customized jeeps and many more. These come in luxurious spaces that can accommodate comfortably clients as well as their cargo.

Take a 4 by 4 safari car in case you are planning for self drive tour in Uganda. Most of Uganda’s remotest areas where most travelers go for tourism require a four wheel drive vehicle given the kinds of the routes that link up to these areas. Most of them tend to be very challenging to pass through especially during the wet season and yet most of these areas are the very few most sought after destinations given their attractions an example of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which are credited for rare mountain gorilla trekking, Kidepo Valley National Park the true African wilderness and many more.

Follow Uganda’s driving etiquette

Unlike other countries, driving in Uganda is on the left hand side and do not overtake or change lanes when not needed or in crowded areas otherwise you can cause accidents. In case of any need to overtake please slow down and indicate to the car in front of you to show that you up to something.

Uganda’s routes are hilly and this means you will have to climb through most of them and if you abruptly decide to overtake, another car can appear at high gear a head of you and you end up colliding. After you have been permitted to overtake flash back as a way of saying thank you. Keep an eye on all the stop signs and other road signs as you are bound to meet some trading centers along the way.

Driving directions

Acquiring a GPS or a travel map is actually something worth having in self drive car hire. Remember that self drive safaris are all about adventuring through new destinations and anything can go wrong and unfortunately you find yourself in strange place altogether. At this point you will need a sense of direction and meaning if you had a GPS tracking system, things would be simpler as you would track the right direction on your own than necessarily asking from local people around. Read through various travel books to acquaint yourself with all Uganda’s routes and you will have the most memorable tour in your life.

Driving at night

Please try as much as possible to avoid driving at night. Try to be at your be at your respective destination as earlier possible between 6:00 am and 7:00pm. Note that getting street lights might be challenging for you especially along highways and road signs or landmarks tend to be hard to be sighted at night. As well, some of these areas are never safe for you to drive in the dark. Besides, most wildlife species are also sighted roaming around the national parks and you will end up knocking them and this will turn to be a cost to you.

Speed restrictions in Uganda

Take note of your speed while on road trip in Uganda or even any other area in East Africa. You will meet traffic police officers along the roads. Speed restrictions change constantly depending on the area that you will be it can a tradition or school which all require speed of 30 to 50 kilometers per hour compared to when you are driving along the highway.

Driving outside Uganda

Make sure that you have informed your car hire agency earlier enough or at the time of picking a car for a self drive safari that you will drive out of Uganda. And make sure that you get other travel documents or a letter to allow you cross the borders.

Road conditions in Uganda

Highways can be better if they are tarmacked unlike most areas which are murram which come with lots of dust. In case you come across bad conditioned roads in rural areas with pothole, dust and with no land marks. A safari to most of Uganda’s magnificent protected areas may require you to rent a 4 by 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Parking safety and security

You will need some money to ensure that someone takes charge of your car once you park it. If you don’t get any parking space around, you are encouraged not to leave the car with your valuable gear especially cameras, laptops, phones as well as money. Make sure that you have locked your car once you park it and you to make some shopping in the supermarket or along the streets.

Gas station stops

There are several petrol stations that are available for you to refuel the car along the way. Unlike may be areas like Kidepo Valley National Park, which require you to have a full tank to make you transverse through Kampala passed Kitgum otherwise you will need to carry a jerrican with fuel.

In conclusion, Uganda is one of the most spectacular safari destinations in Africa that you should consider in your travel plan. There is a lot more for you to explore and discover while on Uganda self drive adventures.