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Can I Cross Boarders With A Rental Car In Uganda?

Every person has a reason as to why they rent cars, usually those that wish to travel up country or even traveling across the borders on the road. We understand that not every person owns a vehicle, but that’s why we are here, so that nobody should be held back and denied a chance to travel.

We desire to talk to those people to wish to travel to another country with a rental car, and if you’re asking yourself whether it is possible to cross the borders with a rented car. The answer is yes!

If you want to drive a hired car from one country to another, most car rental companies incur surcharges for crossing the border. These fees are meant to cover cross border insurance fees, regional taxes, etc. These additional fees also cover the extra insurance needed when you’re driving in a different country.  However, some rental companies and for chauffer driven car hire plans instead arrange all the border crossing paper work on behalf of the travelers and include all the charges within the total costs for hiring the vehicle.

They even advise you on where to buy the insurance needed to drive in any country you intend to travel to.

Always inform your car hire company about the country you are traveling to, so they can advise you on applicable fees to pay for the insurance plus necessary documentation needed, among others. It is always better to share your itinerary with the rental company when booking the vehicle to aid you get the right information about what you have to do before crossing to another country.

The extra fares paid depend on where the traveler is going or the border they plan to use to cross with the rented car. Once the rental company knows the border to be used to cross will avail with all the right document to use while at the border.

If you don’t inform the rental company about crossing the border with their vehicle, you will be stopping the insurance. Meaning once you get an accident or stealing or damaging the vehicle in another country, you will have to meet all costs to the rental agency out of your own pockets.

Most car rental agencies will ask you about your travel plans before they confirm the booking. This gives them enough time to process for you all the information you require, to enlighten you about any fees and process for you all the paperwork you may need to take with you when crossing borders. Along these lines, while booking a vehicle, always tell the company you’re booking with that you’d love to cross the border to another country with your rental vehicle.

Although rental companies accept their vehicles to cross borders, most car hire companies don’t allow their cars to cross to some countries especially those countries in Political crisis like South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and others.

Thinking of traveling cross borders this season for a vacation, business or leisurely tour, and still looking for the ideal provider to get you around? Simply approach any preferred rental company to get helped.