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Entry Requirements to Uganda

The first time in a new country is a memorable experience for anyone. It leaves you in awe of almost everything, it’s always truly a magical moment with pure excitement. Even just being at the airport in a strange land can be beautiful.

And being in Uganda for the first time is an experience so unique, whether for a business trip, gorilla tour or a wildlife safari to some of the country’s wildest places. It being the pearl of Africa, everything is simply amazing from the moment you bump into Uganda’s sole airport; Entebbe international airport.

The people of Uganda are so kind, they are so warm and hospitable that they can offer help even before you ask them to. The smile they give make travelers feel at home already immediately after boarding off the aircraft.

But what does one need or require to enter into Uganda and live freely in the country. For any person intending to enter the pearl of Africa should be in accordance with the national immigration laws, guidelines and formalities. And for foreign nationals entering the country for purposes of employment should comply with requirements for expatriate employment in Uganda.

The first requirement that one should be with is a visa. All visa prone nationalities must obtain Uganda visas to smoothen their entry into the country. These visas can be got from Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the airport or any other entry point. Single entry visas cost 50 USD, the single tourist Visa which covers Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda is highly recommended and costs only 100$. The multiple entry visas depend on the number of months to spend in the country.

Note that any entry or exit from Uganda should be made through the gazetted points of entry and exit.

Also Uganda visas can be obtained online at visas.immigration.go.ug and the visas don’t permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda, foreigners should be aware of this.

All visitors arriving in Uganda are required to carry a viable passport that is valid for at least six months or beyond.

Every intending visitor is required to fill in an arrival declaration card on arrival. The information should comply with the immigration formalities, providing all the required biometric information. These arrival or departure cards are always available at the arrival lounge.

For students, particularly the East African Community nationals studying or seeking to study in Uganda must get students passes from designated immigration offices. It is important to note that students’ passes for EAC nationals are issued at zero cost, and other nationals should pay the visa fees in the bank.

About health requirements; all travelers entering or leaving the Republic of Uganda must have a valid Yellow Fever Card. Other recommended medical precautions, include anti-malarial drugs, flu and cold medicines, sunscreen, Hepatitis B vaccines, etc. as may be advised by your medical personnel.

Entry with pets:

Dogs and cats should have a certificate of good health from a registered veterinarian in the region of origin. The certificate of good health should be stamped, signed and issued not earlier than 10 days before date of arrival in Uganda.

Travelers will also need a certificate to confirm that the pets is free from rabies and has been immunized as required.

Dogs need to have been vaccinated at least 30 days before arrival, against diseases like distemper, hepatitis rabies, Parvo-virus and leptospirosis.

Cats should also be immunized against diseases like feline entritis and rabies, at least 30 days before arrival.

Summing it up, entering into the pearl of Africa isn’t that daunting, just abiding by the simple rules and regulations makes your entry as simple as it can be.